Reimagining Revolutionary Organizing: A Vision for Dual Power

by John Michael Colón, Mason Herson-Hord, Katie S. Horvath, Dayton Martindale, and Matthew Porges             I.  Power and Social Change Today’s political situation is a crisis, in which nothing fundamentally changes despite a seemingly endless series of catastrophes. Even in allegedly democratic nations, the institutions that channel … Read more

Beyond the Crisis, Introduction

by The Perspectives Editorial Collective THE WORLD IS ON FIRE.  It has been, for quite some time. If you’ve done any organizing, you’ve felt it—that sense of racing about, extinguishing this flare up or that, spending precious energy and resources surviving the immediate emergency and … Read more

A Call for Power, Write for Perspectives!

(Solidaridad Con La Minga image by Roger Peet) In 2020, thanks to the US Presidential election, we’re all going to be thinking about power. Who has it? What is it? How does it work? How do we, as antiauthoritarians, relate to the established political system during a … Read more

“Dangerous Minds:” Wagner and Bakunin’s Social Imaginaries – Nationalist or Anarchist?

By María Castro and Javier Sethness Castro Introduction: The Ring as Anarchist Social Imaginary? Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung (1874), based on medieval German and Scandinavian sources (The Nibelungenlied and The Völsunga Saga, respectively), explores the confrontation and mutual destruction of two distinct ideologies: that of Wotan, king of the gods, the archetype … Read more