Anarchist Cybernetics

by Thomas Swann

What can anarchist engagements with the cybernetic science of self-organization, buried in an obscure anarchist journal from the 1960s and written by an elusive computer scientist, reveal about the effective functioning of anarchist organization?   Anarchy, freedom, and self-organization In comparison to how overused it … Read more

Death Futures

by Catherine Marr

The highway that connects Los Angeles to Phoenix is called many things, but the strip between these two cities is known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental highway. A sardonic name given the elimination of First Nations and Native peoples in the southwest United States. While … Read more

A Response to “Spontaneous Combustion”

from George Katsiaficas

Jason Del Gandio and AK Thompson, eds. Spontaneous Combustion: The Eros Effect and Global Revolution  (Albany: SUNY Press, 2017)   Hillary Lazar and Paul Messersmith-Glavin provide an introductory framing for this discussion here.   The publication of Spontaneous Combustion is a significant indication that popular uprisings are … Read more