IAS Grants Program




The IAS and Agency are partnering on a 2022-23 grants program and are excited to invite you to apply. For a quarter of a century, the IAS has funded creative work that furthers anarchist ideas and makes them accessible to a broad audience. This year, Agency has joined forces with the IAS to boost grant funding specifically for multimedia-focused projects such as podcast, video production, and livestreams.





Grants for Radical Writers, Artists, and Practitioners | Call for proposals 

For a quarter of a century, the Institute for Anarchist Studies has funded creative intellectual work that furthers anarchist ideas and makes them accessible to a broad audience.

This grant cycle is dedicated to sponsoring projects in multiple forms:

  • Written works, including for a K-12 audience
  • Multimedia productions
  • Artwork and posters
  • Innovative trainings or workshops

— that take an intersectional anarchist approach and help us to generate hope for this moment with an emphasis on:

  • Embodied oppressions 
  • Practices and cultures of care as forms of resistance
  • Successes and wins: examples (past and present) of what we do well and what gives you the hope to keep going 

— especially by creators who are: 

  • QT and TNG folks
  • poor folks
  • people working outside of academia

We would like to award several grants in the $500-$2,000 range, prioritizing smaller proposals so that we can fund multiple projects. 

Multimedia grants are co-funded by Anarchist Agency. Examples of multimedia projects we’d like to see include, but are not limited to, content similar to the following projects:

Submissions open October 31st, 2022  and will close February 28th, 2023. Applicants will be notified of decisions on or before June 30,  2023.



For complete information visit our Grants FAQ page.  Questions? Contact us at info@anarchiststudies.org.