Grants FAQ

Grants FAQ | Grants are Closed as of 8/1/2022

As of 8/1/2022 grant applications for “Grants for Radical Videographers” are closed.

Please continue to check this page for updates on future grant opportunities.


We will leave the below FAQ up until grantees have been notified, on or before 10/07/2022.

Grants for Radical Videographers | Call for proposals | Summer 2022

Grants Open Date

  • 04/22/2022

Grants Close Date

  • 08/01/2022

Notification Date Range

  • On or before 10/07/2022

Project Delivery

  • Priority funding will be given for projects that can be delivered by April 30, 2023.  The deadline for all project completion is October 31, 2023.

Application Preparation

We recommend preparing all required information and materials in advance of beginning the application. You will need to: succinctly summarize your project, audience, and outreach plan; provide links to your previous video work (Instagram, YouTube, or personal website links are welcome); and also provide a budget and timeline for completion.

Total Amount Available, Budget, Use of Videos

  • $2,500.00 is available in total. There is not one fixed amount applicants should request (up to the $2,500 total available); amounts should specifically reflect costs in the project.
  • A budget is requested as part of the application. Successful applications will include the following: total amount required for completion, a detailed breakdown of needs and amounts (personal expenses like childcare and food are welcome), support expected from other sources, and any in-kind donations you anticipate or have already secured. Please include only one item per line for readability
  • Material funded by this grant will be perpetually available for the IAS to host, share, and excerpt at will,  while being credited to the creators, who are also free to use and share it at will.

Funding Topics & Media

This grant cycle is dedicated to sponsoring video projects that take an intersectional anarchist approach to subjects that may include:

  • healing and responses to trauma in BIPOC and trans communities;
  • mutual aid work in Indigenous communities;
  • responses to the oppression of migrant peoples;
  • responses to the renewed threat of nuclear warfare; and/or
  • responses to the “post-truth” condition and mass disinformation.

To Apply

  • To apply, please visit here!

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