Grants FAQ

Grants Open Date

  • 10/31/2020

Grants Close Date

  • 01/31/2021

Notification Date Range

  • On or before 4/30/2021

Project Delivery

  • Projects (grant work completion) delivered by spring 2022 (around 4/30/2022) or before.

Application Preparation

We recommend preparing all required information and materials in advance of beginning the application. You will need to: succinctly summarize your project, audience, and outreach plan, as well as provide a budget and timeline for completion.

Total Amount Available, Budget

  • $1,000.00. IAS will prioritize funding multiple smaller grants, over one grant for the total amount. There is not one fixed amount applicants should request (up to the $1,000 total available); amounts should specifically reflect costs in the project.
  • A budget is requested as part of the application.

Funding Topics & Media

  • We are currently seeking projects that focus on:
    • Black and Indigenous Anarchism(s)
    • Police Abolition and Alternatives
    • Mutual Aid
  • Priority will be given to: short video and multimedia projects that serve as foundations or definitions or that further education on one of the above topics; we will accept proposals for written work at this time.

Further Questions?