Grants FAQ

Grants will open 10/31/2022


Grants for Radical Writers, Artists, and Practitioners | Call for proposals | Fall 2022

Grants Open Date

  • 10/31/2022

Grants Close Date

  • 02/28/2023

Notification Date Range

  • On or before 06/30/2023

Project Delivery

  • The deadline for all project completion is within 12 months of receiving funds, but applicants are encouraged to complete their work sooner, if possible.


Application Preparation

Reviewing all of the information before you start your application will help you make the best submission possible.  Before beginning your application or submitting any information we recommend

  • Reading all of the guidance from the IAS: including this FAQ page, the “How to Apply for a Grant” slideshow here, and the Handout on How to Apply for an IAS Grant found here.  These materials explain the questions in the application, and provide an outline of what information will be requested, including the detailed budget information, and max character limits for each written section 
  • Preparing all the required information and materials in advance. You will need to: succinctly summarize your project, audience, and outreach plan; provide links to your previous video work; and also provide a budget, and timeline for completion


Total Amount Available, Budget, Use of Projects

  • $5,000.00 is available in total. We would like to award several grants in the $500-$2,000 range, prioritizing smaller proposals so that we can fund multiple projects.  Amounts should specifically reflect costs in the project.
  • A budget is requested as part of the application. Successful applications will include the following: total amount required for completion, a detailed breakdown of needs and amounts (personal expenses like childcare and food are welcome), support expected or already funded from other sources, and any in-kind donations you anticipate or have already secured. Please include only one item per line for readability. 
  • Material funded by this grant will be perpetually available for the IAS to host, share, and excerpt at will, while being credited to the creators, who are also free to use and share it at will.


Funding Topics & Media

This grant cycle is dedicated to sponsoring projects in multiple forms:  

  • Written works, including for a K-12 audience
  • Multimedia productions
  • Artwork and Posters
  • Innovative trainings or workshops
  •  Examples could be: skill-share projects, videos, essays, podcasts, graphic novels, visual arts, training tools, interdisciplinary work, and more!

— that take an intersectional anarchist approach and help us to generate hope for this moment with an emphasis on:

  • Embodied oppressions 
  • Practices and cultures of care as forms of resistance
  • Successes and wins: examples (past and present) of what we do well and what gives you the hope to keep going 

— especially by creators who are: 

  • QT and TNG folks
  • poor folks
  • people working outside of academia

This year, multimedia grants are co-funded by Anarchist Agency. Examples of multimedia projects we’d like to see include, but are not limited to, content similar to the following projects:

To Apply

  • To apply, complete the application here!

Further Questions?

  • Email: .