Perspectives' Anarcha-Feminisms Issue Reviewed, by Michelle Renee Matisons

Michelle Renee Matisons reviews the latest issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, N. 29, on the theme of anarcha-feminisms, in Counterpunch. She says, “Enter Perspectives, which should be read as part of the ongoing effort to expand anarcha-feminist ideas. True to form for the IAS, the issue offers a thoughtful cross-section of history and theory engaged in anarchist and popular movements: education, prisons, labor, health care, ecology, and Indigenous resistance are all included in Perspectives. In and of itself, given the challenging conditions of the academic/movement rift, Perspectives is valuable because it is grounded in nuts and bolts movement work, while also drawing from relevant academic resources as well.”Persp29_process07

Matisons continues, “Twenty years later (since the IAS’ founding), Perspectives is a testament to the IAS’ original vision to support accessible, passionate, movement-based, feminist work. From the graphics and a reader-friendly layout, to its diverse range of authors and topics, I found Perspectives to be a very engaging read. The overall impact of this journal issue was both encouraging and discouraging. This is the the usual effect I encounter when faced with something, like anarcha-feminist theory, that has great potential and many obstacles. For me, feeling discouraged is the nature of the beast. My frustration comes from general political/theoretical developments that seem historically inevitable– in many ways. Perspectives both reflects and resists its historic context and I am pleased to review it here for this reason.”
Read it here, in Counterpunch!