Clio Reese Sady Receives IAS Grant for Graphic Novel “WE ALL TRESPASS”

Clio Reese Sady is a tattooist and pen and ink artist living on Ohlone land in Oakland, California. Sady is disabled – living with Bipolar Disorder – and loves making political art with San Francisco direct action group Gay Shame. Sady has had work published in Gay Genius Comics (Sparkplug, 2011) and The Collective Tarot (Eberhardt 2006, 2008 & TCT 2012).

With the support of the Institute for Anarchist Studies, combined with their residency at the Prelinger Library, Sady will finish and revise their graphic novel WE ALL TRESPASS. The story explores dynamics of institutional oppression through a murder mystery set in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco.