A Call for Power, Write for Perspectives!

(Solidaridad Con La Minga image by Roger Peet) In 2020, thanks to the US Presidential election, we’re all going to be thinking about power. Who has it? What is it? How does it work? How do we, as antiauthoritarians, relate to the established political system during a … Read more

“Dangerous Minds:” Wagner and Bakunin’s Social Imaginaries – Nationalist or Anarchist?

By María Castro and Javier Sethness Castro Introduction: The Ring as Anarchist Social Imaginary? Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung (1874), based on medieval German and Scandinavian sources (The Nibelungenlied and The Völsunga Saga, respectively), explores the confrontation and mutual destruction of two distinct ideologies: that of Wotan, king of the gods, the archetype … Read more

Summer 2019 IAS Newsletter!

(art by N.o. Bonzo) Contents Perspectives: Anarcha-Feminisms Second Printing! IAS at the Opening Space for the Radical Imagination Conference David Ranney on Living and Dying on the Factory Floor We Heart Mutual Aid  Perspectives: Anarcha-Feminisms Second Printing! Back by popular demand, a second printing of the Anarcha-Feminisms issue of … Read more

Joyful Militancy interview

Solecast talks with carla bergman and Nick Montgomery about their Institute for Anarchist Studies/AK Press book Joyful Militancy on their podcast! Joyful Militancy, part of the IAS/AK Anarchist Interventions series, is a critical examination of the toxicity that is so common within activist subcultures. Nick and … Read more