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The current issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, N. 28 on Justice, available here, features two essays written by people financially supported by a grant from the Institute for Anarchist Studies. The money for these grants come from donations from people like yourself, and allow these, and many other folks, to complete their writing projects. It allows them to do things like take time off work, or hire childcare, so they can write.
Layne Mullett, who wrote “Brick by Brick: Creating a World Without Prisons,” in the current issue, had this to say, “Getting a grant from the Institute for Anarchist studies allowed me to carve out time to think through and put down on paper some of the lessons I’ve learned from years of doing anti-prison organizing. The patient, thoughtful engagement and assistance from my (IAS) grant adviser pushed me to move forward with a project I otherwise would have given up on and helped deepen my political thinking about the daily work of building a movement to end mass incarceration.”

Brad Thomson was also awarded an IAS writing grant, allowing him to write “Breaking the Chains of Command: Anarchist Veterans of the US Military,” based on his extensive set of interviews with US military veterans. He says that his “… essay would not have been possible without the support of IAS. The funding allowed me to pay for recording equipment and services. When transcription became overwhelming, I used a portion of the grant to pay unemployed or underemployed anarchists to help transcribe the interviews. Beyond the financial support, IAS has helped by editing and advising on earlier drafts and ultimately by publishing the essay here.”
Brooke Reynolds applied for a writing grant, and although we were not able to offer her financial assistance, we did offer her editorial support, resulting in her piece, “Hunger Striking for Dignity and Freedom Amidst the ‘War on Terror,’” which appears in the current issue. She had this to say about IAS support, “I am immensely grateful to the editorial team at IAS, and especially Paul Messersmith-Glavin, for the support they have given through this process. It truly has been a team effort, and the integrity of the piece was not once compromised. Thank you!”
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