Summer 2019 IAS Newsletter!

(art by N.o. Bonzo)


  • Perspectives: Anarcha-Feminisms Second Printing!
  • IAS at the Opening Space for the Radical Imagination Conference
  • David Ranney on Living and Dying on the Factory Floor
  • We Heart Mutual Aid 

Perspectives: Anarcha-Feminisms Second Printing!

Back by popular demand, a second printing of the Anarcha-Feminisms issue of the IAS journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, is hot off of the press, and ready for you!  

Issue N29 contains essays on the history of anarcha-feminism, ways in which anarchism falls short from a feminist perspective, and the relationship between anarchism and feminism.  It also features pieces on how Black feminism informs anarchism, women in prison, eco-queer indigenous anarchist feminism, Hep C & HIV organizing, language and exclusion, and an anarchist feminist manifesto by members of Black Rose Anarchist Federation.  To round things out there’s a graphic on anarchism and feminism by the creator of the Doris ‘zine, book reviews, and more!

To get a copy for yourself, or for your favorite feminist, visit our friends at AK Press or Powell’s Books (online or at the Hawthorne or City of Books on Burnside store in Portland, Oregon).  Thanks to all the writers and contributers, and the good folks at Eberhardt Press, Radix Media, and the JustSeeds Artists’ Cooperative for their support of the issue. 

IAS at the Opening Space for the Radical Imagination Conference

The IAS was grateful to sponsor the Opening Space for the Radical Imagination conference at Oregon State University again this year. 

IAS board members Lara Messersmith-Glavin and Kristian Williams were featured speakers, along with Perspectives contributor Hillary Lazar. Staff and board members tabled at the event with comrades from AK Press, PM Press, N.O. Bonzo, Haymarket Books, the IWW, and others.  This year’s keynotes were adrienne maree brown, speaking on Pleasure Activism, and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha speaking on Care Work

Laborwave Radio shared adrienne maree brown’s keynote in full on their podcast!  Give it a listen and get inspired. Find more of brown’s work here, and in Octavia’s Broodan anthology of visionary science fiction brown co-edited with Walidah Imarisha, from AK Press and the IAS.  

You can also find Hillary Lazar on Laborwave Radio, discussing “Connecting Our Struggles: Border Politics, Antifascism, and Lessons from the Trials of Ferrero, Sallito, and Graham” from her essay as published in Perspectives on Anarchist Theory N30: Beyond the Crisis. 

David Ranney on Living and Dying on the Factory Floor

In May the IAS collaborated with the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU) to host labor activist and author David Ranney and members of the BVWU in Portland, OR for a public discussion on radical worker power and lessons learned in the labor movement.   

Ranney recently published a memoir, Living and Dying on the Factory Floordescribing his work experiences in the factories of Chicago and Indiana. Along the way there is a wildcat strike, an immigration raid, shop floor actions, and a failed effort to unionize. The book focuses on race and class relations, working conditions, environmental issues, and broader social issues that impacted work. Living and Dying concludes with discussions on the nature of work; racism and class; the use of immigration policy for social control; and our ability to create a just society. 

BVWU, the first federally recognized fast food workers union, has successfully rallied supporters in the region to boycott Burgerville for their poverty wages, illegal union busting, and has strengthened the movement for worker power.  

Living and Dying on the Factory Floor is published by our friends at PM Press. You can support the Burgerville Workers Union in their fight for a fair contract by donating to their Bargaining Stipend Fund here

Mutual Aid!

Mutual aid work supports our communities, and people are talking about it!   

  • ReadAgency shared a wonderful piece on mutual aid, and ways we can take care of each other. 
  • Watch & Listen: A sweet, smart, animated video explainer about mutual aid as a key strategy of resistance, survival, and mobilization, by Dean Spade and Ciro Carrillo.  See more on the Big Door Brigade‘s website, including a mutual aid toolbox page!