Perspectives vol. 14, no. 1: Care (Fall 2012)

This issue, titled “Care”, was released in Fall 2012, and contains “To Care is to Struggle” by Kevin Van Meter and “There is No Good Faith: The Green Economy, Climate Change, and Re-imagining Social Movements” by Kari Koch, as well as articles on peer support and mental health, an alternative to EMS, class and health.
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Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Home is Where Our Hearts Are 6
Heidi Whipple, Taran Connelly, and
Kari Koch

Alternatives to EMS 18
Rosehip Medic Collective

Peer Support and Mental Health 32
Julia Smedley

Class and Health:
Community Acupuncture 40
Paul Messersmith-Glavin

To Care is to Struggle 51
Kevin Van Meter

There is No Good Faith: The Green
Economy, Climate Change, and
Reimagining Social Movements 55
Kari Koch

Without Delusion: Rethinking
Both Self and Determination 90
Joshua Stephens

Review: Books on Occupy’s Eternal Now 68
Maia Ramnath

Review: Legacies of Liberation—Love
and Struggle and Truth and Revolution 77
Geoff Mc

Review: “Not Just Warming Ourselves
With Their Memory”—the Power of
Social Movements 100
Stina Soderling

Review: Caring Too Much
to Care Any Longer 100
Britt Parrot

Remembering Joel Olson

Anarchist Interventions Book Series 84
Recent Grants: Winter 2012 86
Donate to the IAS 88
Call for Submissions 89
About the Artists 89
About the IAS 90