Perspectives No. 29: Anarcha-feminisms (2016)

Originally released in 2016 and reprinted in 2020 due to popular demand, this issue contains essays on the history of anarcha-feminism, the ways in which anarchism falls short from a feminist perspective, and the relation between anarchism and feminism. It also contains essays on how Black feminism informs anarchism, women in prison, eco-queer indigenous anarchist feminism, language and exclusion, and an anarchist feminist manifesto. Further, it contains graphics on anarchism and feminism by Cindy Crabb, the creator of the ‘zine Doris, book reviews, and much more.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Perspectives Editorial Collective

Feminism…Anarchism…Anarchafeminism 7
Cindy Crabb

To Destroy Domination in All its Forms: Anarcha-Feminist Theory, Organization & Action 1970–1978 11
Julia Tanenbaum

Until All Are Free: Anarchism, Black Feminism, and Interlocking Oppression 33
Hillary Lazar 

Abolishing the “Psy”-ence Fictions: Critiquing the Relationship Between the Psychological Sciences and the Prison System 51
Colleen Hackett

Coming to Terms: Rethinking Popular Approaches to Anarchism and Feminism 65
Theresa Warburton

Indigenist Intersectionality: Decolonizing and Reweaving an Indigenous Eco-Queer Feminism and Anarchism 81
Laura Hall

Thoughts on an Anarchist Response to Hepatitis C and HIV 97
Zoe Dodd and Alexander McClelland 

Breaking the Waves: Challenging the Liberal Tendency within Anarchist Feminism 107
Romina Akemi and Bree Busk

Radical Language in the Mainstream 125
Kelsey Cham C.


Listening for a Multiplicity of Quiet Rumors Within the Anarcha-Feminist Archive: A Review of Quiet Rumors: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader 129
Raeanna Gleason-Salguero

From Oblivion to Political Responsibility: An Anarchist Sister Reviews Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence 126
Sara Rahnoma-Galindo

Free Unicorns: A Review of Queering Anarchism: Addressing and Undressing Power and Desire 132
Kristian Williams

Brooding Over Revolution and Bending Realities: Sci fi as Social Movement: A Review of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements and Sisters of the Revolution 134
Kim Smith

The Institute for Anarchist Studies at Twenty 140
Paul Messersmith-Glavin

2016 IAS Writing Grants 144