Knowledge-Production & Social Movements: A Roundtable!

Ever wondered what goes into the publishing decisions of outfits driven by social movements? It turns out the folks at Interface: A Journal for and About Social Movements figured you might’ve. So, one evening last summer, they threw a potluck in London (UK), and invited folks from PM Press, Common Notions, Minor Compositions, London’s student movement publication The Paper, and the IAS for a discussion about movement publishing and autonomous infrastructures.

What resulted was a pretty revealing look at the back end of radical publishing and its relationship to movements — especially in this era of global upheavals. Those curious about how the IAS approaches the cultivation of movement writers and intellectuals, as well as the strategic thinking that went into our Lexicon pamphlets will find a lot to work with, here. It was a much-needed discussion, and we’re humbled to have been a part of it. Read it here!