Gallery of the Streets

“We Begin with Play,” Kai Lumumba Barrow


Gallery of the Streets is a network of autonomous artists, activists, and scholars committed to abolitionist movement-building. Led by queer Black feminist politics, our work is created by people who live, love, fight, work, and play in the margins of racial and gendered capitalism, carceral control, and environmental violences. To learn more about Gallery of the Streets and/or to donate to our work, please check us out by clicking here!


Pages from The Book of Stupid …


“On Palms and Bone,” Holly Hardin


“Shoe Shine,” by Coriander Davenport


“Shoe Code,” by Jazz Franklin


“1-10 Portal,” Chris Light


“No Title,” Kara Lynch AKA Loveryboi as STAR


“Coronascene,” erin bree


“Tree Fighting Capitalism,” Chris Light


“Monk’s Dream,” erin bree



Pages from The Book of Stupid, by Gallery of the Streets, graced the pages of the

Power issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, N.33, available to you by clicking here!