The IAS awarded $3,000 in grants this year, expanding what we fund beyond the written word to audio and visual presentation. One of the recipients is Tajh Morris, who received a grant for his project “The Origins of Black Anarchism from within the Black Panther Party.”

Tajh Morris lives in Detroit, the city where capitalism has already failed. He is a journalist, event producer, and DJ known professionally as Turtle Bugg. He is focused on highlighting the Black American roots, and filling in the gaps, in the historiography of electronic music. This will be a multimedia project that includes an audio collage, video, and essay, combining interviews, images, and narration with Black music (house, techno, hip-hop).

Tajh says: “The funds & platform the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) provided are a huge boost towards broadening the political outlook of those who have an interest in nonauthoritarian models of socialism. Books, access to periodicals, & paying collaborators is now possible. Without this grant I would not be able to afford the materials that give the final product a well-rounded, in-depth nature, presenting information in a less academic manner to introduce new ideas to those who are currently activated & provide something that others can use.”

Keep your eyes open for updates!