The 2023 Institute for Anarchist Studies Writing Grants!

In addition to the four Jen Angel Anarchist Media Grants awarded in collaboration with Agency: An Anarchist PR Project, the IAS also awarded three writing grants in 2023!


Defensa Territorial, Defensa Racial: The Battle for Weelaunee, Guapinol, and LA” is a zine project that centers Central American and accomplice autonomists and the fight for life against displacement and colonial ecological collapse. This zine complicates territoriality, and ties ancestral, historical, and present threads of revolt through the lenses of displaced, criminalized, undocumented, queer, and racialized people. We hope for it to give breath to local and internationalist direct action and solidarity projects in relation with and in unceded Indigenous lands—those colonially occupied throughout Tongvagaar, Abya Yala (Kuna), Ixim Ulew (K’ iche), Managüara (Lenca), and ancestral territories throughout.



  • Quetzal Beats (SIN// Cen-Sur-Ⓐ) is an informal Central American radical Hip Hop collective based in LA with beginnings in Yokuts Lands aka Fresno, Cali and the Isthmus. Queer, Femmes, DJ’s, archivists, media, and culture makers, they collaborate autonomously through this network/collective. This zine project is coordinated alongside ‘Tierra y Libertad Press,’ an Indigenous-Chicanx self-managed zine press based in Tongva Territory, or so-called Los Angeles.


“Escurecendo o Anarquismo,” or Darkening Anarchism, is a propaganda project created in December, 2022 that aims to make available to Portuguese speaking people material produced by non-white anarchists across the world, especially Black anarchists. Through translation of writings, videos, and podcasts, it intends to bring other references to anarchist organizations besides the typical white Europeans/American faces. Most of the material is posted online, but print books are also being published.

  • Fabio Campos has been an anarchist for over a decade and has taken part in several militant groups, anarchist organizations, and social movements in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has primarily been involved with communitarian and popular education issues as well as the anti-prison and abolitionist movement, as well as fighting for free public transportation. He works as a Mechanical Engineering Professor.





Casa Encantada: A Portrait of the Fight for Housing in Belo Horizonte Going Through the Pandemic is a book that brings together illustrations by Renato Baruq and photographs by Cadu Passos. During 2022, two Brazilian artists recorded almost twenty old, abandoned houses in the central region of Belo Horizonte, Brazil that became living, social and cultural spaces forpeople in vulnerable situations during the pandemic. The work is also accompanied by interviews, collected between 2022 and 2023, which tell the story of these spaces and their inhabitants through their own eyes.

  • Renato Baruq is ilustrator, writer and editor. As an organizer, Renato lives at the squat Kasa Invisível, in Belo Horizonte and is also works with the infoshop 1000contra, and publishes in several anarchist outlets in Brazil and the US. Check out Baruq’s website!

– Stay tuned for the call for a new round of grant applications!