IAS Administrator


The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) seeks an administrator to manage daily, monthly, and yearly functions of the organization.



The IAS was founded in 1996 by Chuck Morse, with the original sole purpose of providing grants to radical writers and translators around the world. Over the years, it expanded beyond the grant-giving program to include other projects, including publishing the journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory both on our website and in an annual print edition, co-publishing books with AK Press, and maintaining a speakers bureau. We are an established non-profit 501(c)3 organization, with a working board currently composed of 7 members. Learn more about our work at: anarchiststudies.org.



The IAS administrator job is a two-year term position with a board evaluation at the 18-month mark. Upon review, this position may be extended for another 1 to 2 year term. As the IAS board is made up of directors across the US, the majority of our work takes place non-locally, virtually, and via telecommunication. Our shared platforms include a group listserv, Google Drive, Discord, and conference calls via Zoom, as well as snail mail and individual emails; a Riseup wiki with shared documents and CRABGRASS exists as an archive. Part of the role of the administrator is to help maintain the clarity and frequency of these communications between board meetings (typically on Zoom, but potentially face-to-face), as well as to serve as a touchstone and wrangler for the tasks of committees and individual board members.

The administrator is an independent contractor job, not an employee, and does not function as a board member, although their participation in discussions and decision making is encouraged and expected. They do not carry voting privileges.



The IAS ADMINISTRATOR will be responsible for the following:


  • Keep in contact with IAS board members on a frequent basis; serve as general oversight to keep IAS board members and projects on track, sending out reminders about tasks board members agree to take on — including overseeing the creation of agendas a month before board meetings and a week before conference call meetings.
  • Manage board membership on email listserv; helping board members get on/off of Discord.
  • Monitor Discord, responding to messages, translate posts into tasks for self or board, and duplicate this info to the Board email listserv.
  • Maintain and add emails to the IAS database on Mailchimp; with the assistance of board volunteer(s), develop, format, and send out twice yearly e-announcement to the entire database.
  • Write copy for a quarterly newsletter and send it.
  • Monitor and update accounts, login and password information.

Financial and Donor Responsibilities

  • Develop/maintain the IAS databases (as applicable); in particular, register all donations, send out thank you letters to donors, and keep track of donor history.
  • Banking, including sending out grant award checks, regularly depositing donations, reporting any irregularities, and updating board members on bank balances and donations. If and when the IAS resumes face-to-face meetings, assist the Travel Fund Coordinator by purchasing tickets, sending advances, and sending travel and meeting fund reimbursements.
  • Bookkeeping, including entering all income and expenses from all sources, providing Profit and Loss reports, updating the organizational budget in the form of projected income/expenses and actual income/expenses, maintenance of Quickbooks, communicating and coordinating with volunteer or paid accountants, and being responsible for filing annual state and federal tax returns with CPAs.
  • Provide administrative support for fundraising activities year-round by tracking and accounting for payments (administrator will not bottom line any fundraising efforts or participate in fundraising-specific committee work).
  • Send annual donor letters for 501(c)3 compliance.

Administrative Support for Regular Meetings

  • Coordinate with board members to prepare bi-annual board meetings.
  • Attend bi-annual board meetings (usually February/March and August/September), to participate in meetings, offer facilitation support, take notes, and also provide verbal administrative and financial reports.
  • Create Google Calendar meetings for monthly conference calls and attend them.

Administrative Support for On-Going Projects

  • Support board-driven projects as needed (these include the Perspectives journal, the Interventions book series, and the Mutual Aid Speakers Bureau)
  • Submit bi-annual written reports to the board.
  • Handle merchandise sales by printing mailing labels and enclosure invoices, packaging orders and adding note & TY on invoices, shipping orders via USPS.
  • Resolve all merchandise orders made via the website and marking them as complete after shipping; monitor stock listed on website and internal stock count.
  • Website maintenance: Update and post new merch, notices about grants, or other updates as requested by board; moderate comments. Act as liaison for website IT staff for any website issues.
  • Monitor Google Drive, updating info as necessary.
  • Submit a monthly timesheet to a designated board member (for the purpose of receiving paid compensation).
  • Keep track of which board members are working with which grant recipients, make sure the work is completed in a timely fashion, track where it is published, and make that publication known via the website and social media.
  • Receive royalty reports, track royalties, track percentages authors receive, send money to authors; receive and track sales reports.
  • Occasionally help with press work for events and speakers.



  • Minimum 2 years’ operational and administrative experience preferred.
  • Familiarity with social media, internet savvy, agility with email communication.
  • Strong note-taking and editing skills.
  • Meticulous attention to details and deadlines.
  • Demonstrated organizational and time-management skills, including ability to manage multiple, competing priorities and projects.
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Positive, problem-solving attitude.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and judgment.
  • Strong commitment to an anarchist, anti-authoritarian praxis of liberation.
  • Preference given to applicants in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon.



This position is compensated at a $20 per hour rate. It is expected this job will take about 8 hours a week. Some weeks will be less than this, others more. Additional hours, and/or a per diem (and travel costs, in the event of a face-to-face Board meeting) will be provided for twice yearly Board meetings. Pay will be at the beginning of the month for the previous month’s work. Monthly hour sheets with a brief list of tasks performed will be submitted to a designated board member.

This is a two year position.  If the admin person wishes to continue working with the IAS after their two-year term expires but they are not interested in renewing their admin position, they are then welcome to apply for membership on the board.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to info@anarchiststudies.org with the subject line “IAS Administrator Application:____” followed by your name after the colon. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as applications are received, through August 30, 2023, or until the position is filled. Qualified applicants may be made offers before August 30.