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Save Eberhardt Press!


Eberhardt Press is community print shop and small press in Portland, Oregon, founded in 2004. Named in honor of anarchist writer and adventurer Isabelle Eberhardt, the shop provides design and printing services to zine publishers, worker co-ops, musicians, artists, small publishers, anarchist organizers, non-profit organizations, activist groups, local independent businesses and lots of other folks. For the last ten years they have printed Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, often donating some of their labor and adding enhancements like color for free. Now they are being evicted, and need our help to successfully relocate and continue producing.


Charles Overbeck, of Eberhardt Press, with the anarcha-feminisms issue of Perspectives, that he so beautifully printed.

Portland is undergoing very rapid capitalist development (gentrification) and the building housing Eberhardt Press, along with Printed Matter SP and Devout Rcrds, was bought by a developer. The new landlords initially told them they would renew the lease this month. Instead they terminated it.

These three counter-institutions are raising funds to cover moving costs to a new space, in the two weeks they gave them to get out. This situation is also knocking the better part of a month out of all their production schedules, which is devastating. Fortunately, thanks to our community looking out for them, they have a line on a new space in the same neighborhood, but need enough funds to cover securing the lease, getting their  equipment to the new location, and getting back on their feet and back to work. We can do this; we can save these institutions. But they need your help.

Please contribute what you can, and spread the word!





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